Be Extraordinary!

As a result of reading one too many self-help books, I’ve decided to share something! Recently I attended a seminar by FranklinCovey on the ‘5 choices to Extraordinary Productivity’ and it got me thinking. They share a really simple recipe to push oneself past the borders of average results and sometimes I use it to inspire myself to do something special or get rid of a lazy mood.

1. Divide your life into the most important “roles”. I like to use a pie-chart:

Some examples of roles could be :

  • Daughter/Son
  • Mother/Father
  • Student
  • Self
  • Child of God
  • Businessman/woman
  • Cousin
  • Friend
  • Spouse/Partner
  • Manager
  • Coach
Make sure the roles you list are truly important to you!

2. Then ask yourself (and write it down): What would it take to be an extraordinary __[role]__? 

3. List some simple things you would like to achieve or do differently to become extraordinary in each role. An example could be “To be an extraordinary daughter I am going to call my parents every day to make sure they are ok and I will take them out every month.” Another example could be “To be an extraordinary student, I will dedicate 2 hours every day to revise my work and aim for a 90+ average.”

4. When you’re finished with this list, examine your life and see where the gaps between ordinary and extraordinary are.

5. The most important step is constantly thinking about what you are doing and always asking yourself if you are doing it in extraordinary ways. When you have a moment of boredom or you’re looking for something to do, reach out and do something special for someone. They will appreciate it more than you know.


2 responses to “Be Extraordinary!

  1. I am a self help addict and definitely need help scheduling myself but with FC tactics, and I only did the ordinary, not extraordinary, I feel I spend so much time organizing and not enough time relishing the moments.

    • Hi Sarah, I know what you mean. It’s possible to spend all day trying to figure out how to incorporate some of their tactics into your lifestyle and then your time just runs away. I think it’s all about balance. Start the change in more manageable steps. Making a jump to the ‘extraordinary’ won’t happen overnight! So start integrating smaller parts of it into your life. In this case, you can focus on one role at first. Gradually, start another role when you feel ready for it. By the end of it, it will take a long time, but it will be a natural thing for you.

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