Trinidad Carnival 2012 My Top 5 Soca Songs

It’s Ash Wednesday! A day that marks the start of the Easter season. A time of repentance, reflection and spirituality. Often, Ash Wednesday is filled with cleaning up the streets of Port Of Spain, begrudgingly getting back to work after a 4 day weekend and hangovers. Ah Trinidad Carnival, how I love you.

As the season comes to a close, I’d like to document some of my favourite songs. Songs that left an impression on me for one reason or the other this year. Don’t worry, I’m not going to overpopulate this list with Machel Montano!

Baddist – Destra ft Kerwin Du Bois

Kerwin was Midas this Carnival, anything he touched turned to gold. With arguably the most popular groovy soca song (Bacchanalist) this year and numerous features in other artistes’ songs he was, for me, the man to get me in the mood to party. The initial sound in this song, as they sing “Hmm feel that breeze” is my favourite sound in any song this year!


Action – Supa Jigga TC

I playfully coined this song the “ballad” of 2012, because of his smooth voice, and the sweet, groovy rhythm of the song. It feels almost like a love song when I listen to it. It’s impossible not to love the command to “Wine on a stranger, worry bout it later”. This song just¬†epitomises Groovy Soca.


In Charge – Machel Montano

Of course, Machel had to make it on this list. I don’t know if many people would have picked this song to be their favourite Machel this year because he had at least 6 songs that were extremely popular. In fact, anything Machel does is extremely popular. Once you know it’s Machel on the track there’s an expectation of excellence. I like this song because of its tempo and because of the lyric “Like yuh bumper have a Nike sign, just do it girl and wine.”


Bucket – Swappi

Swappi rampaged onto the soca scene fairly recently but his style feels almost aggressive as he sings. His fast-paced energy gets people so hyped up they lose control. This song is testament to that, as many patrons carried their buckets to throw up in the air for him at the International Soca Monarch.


No Pain – Iwer George

Perhaps a controversial entry, but it’s actually my favourite song this year and I had to include it. I agree, it sounds eerily similar to his 2011 song “Come to Me” but that doesn’t change the fact that this song has an inviting beat. Its high energy and the pounding sound of the oil drum encourages poor conduct and no behaviour! I was sold as soon as I heard the first line, “If you know they rob me last year put yuh 2 hand in the air” not because I believed him, but because I was amazed that he would be so bold. Then I remembered…its Iwer. Love it bad bad still.



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