Stop Kony Responsibly – My Kony Stance

After watching the KONY 2012 video, I was so inspired to do something good, and make a difference for those suffering in Africa under the ruthless force of Joesph Kony.

Today, after browsing through some of the articles written in response to the Invisible Children Group’s KONY 2012 video, I realise that there are two sides to every story. There are arguments that the KONY 2012 videomakers are using the video for commercial benefits or that there may be some questionable intentions behind the movement. There have been statements saying that the conflict has subsided somewhat in recent times and that any rash actions now may result in a swift return of the violence.

For many of us, who were so motivated to jump headfirst into the KONY 2012 movement, and who fervently believed what the video said, these counter-arguments can come as a slap in the face. I was left confused, and unsure of which side I should believe.

BUT, what I realise now is that the worst possible thing that could happen as a result of my confusion would be a lack of action. If the KONY 2012 movement is questionable it doesn’t mean that the Joseph Kony issue isn’t as important as they made it seem. In fact, it just means that we should focus on the issue at hand, and not the medium through which we found out about it.

These are child soldiers, meaning that any action taken against Kony will also affect the very people we are trying to save. Action must be taken carefully, and in the meantime, I will bring about Kony awareness; rather than KONY 2012 awareness.

I’m using the following picture to serve as my way of spreading awareness. It has nothing to do with the KONY 2012 group, but has everything to do with bringing justice to those who are suffering at the hands of this evil man.





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